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Revolution in Bioanalytics

This new developed micro precipitation measurement system offers for the first time a quantitative quick-test
 ( full measurement time less than 10 minutes )   in femto- and attomolar concentration.

In opposite to common particle measurement systems, Q-MAP (Download PDF-File) .(quantitative measurement of attomolar precipitation-products) is able to detect particle aggregation/growing much more sensitive and faster.

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The new, patented procedure enables to increase the proof boundary for proteins around 5-6 decades. So it became for the first time possible to prove for example prions in the blood directly. The measurement of the antigen-antibody-reaction (Download PDF-File) is very high specific and sensitive and offers also the detection of other infectious materials. Q-MAP is able to detect the antigen-antibody-reaction products qualitative and quantitative in femto- and attomolar concentrations.


The ATTO-LAB GmbH was established 2003 on the Innovationcampus in Lübeck and has S2 and S3** laboratories equipped in a modern manner.

Object of the business is the development, manufacture, use and the distribution of analysis devices and/or analysis methods.

The proof of human and animal illness pathogens stands at the same time in the foreground. Many different illnesses can be proved by the analysis of different biomarkers.

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